Categories of Sling shooters (Male and Female)

Sub Junior: Upto 10 Years. Distance: 10 Feet

Teenagers: 11-14 Years. Distance: 15 Feet

Junior: 15-18 Years Distance: 20 Feet

Seniors: 18+ Distance: 30 Feet

Masters: 35+ Distance: 30 Feet

Players must be back off the Shoot Line otherwise player may be disqualified.

If there is no competition in any category, any single players will either get Participation Certificate or will be promoted to the Next Category.

There will be 10 ammunition for each round of Five minutes.

There may be 2nd round as decided by the Technical Committee.

If there are two or more contestants with equal points and decision is not made, third round may be required or Lower Age contestant will be given priority for winner.

All players must have safety glasses and earmuffs/noise reduction devices to avoid distracting sound.

One round will be 5 (Five) minutes and will start when Timekeeper will announce, shoot or whistle. Technical Committee should be Three or Five members including One Judge, one time keeper and Observer(s).

Target may be changed/replaced if it’s damage during the round if necessary and time keeper will stop the time for that replacement of the target.

If there are more holes than the given ammunition to the player, maximum permitted holes will be equal to the ammunition give to those players and extra holes from the outer-side will be disregarded.


Technical Standards of the Slingshot:-

There are many kinds of slingshots in the market but according to ISF it can be made of any metals of standard size up-to 12 inches either-side made-up of wood, metal etc. The elastic band/string can be single, double or triple of any color.

Ammunition: Ammunition must be circle shape made of Metal/Glass/Lead . It can be 5mm or above depends on availability and as decided by Technical Committee. But it should be same to all the players of that category.
Target must be made of paper and the size of the target shall be 30”X30” for all categories.


Yellow: 2 Points

Green: 4 Points

Blue: 6 Points

Red: 8 Points

Black: 10 Points

If there any shoot at line between 2 colors, contestant shall be given the points to most nearest color. If it’s hard to decide the nearest color, it should be middle point of two i.e. between Red (8 Points) and Black (10 Points) then the middle point is 9. So, 9 points will be awarded.

Will be declared who has obtained the highest score overall. If there is more than one player with similar numbers, the priority goes to the players with maximum central shots.

World Championship Team:
Each team will consist of top 4 shooters to consider and then maximum points similar to World Champion.