Hello and welcome to the International Slingshot Federation’s home page. We would like to introduce you to the sport of Slingshot. International Slingshot Federation Inc. officially started operations from Winnipeg, Canada to develop the sport at an International level, to discover the capabilities of players and to provide a possibility for country wide sport teams. The worldwide the repute of this sport is increasing rapidly. We have received a tremendous welcoming response to our organizing efforts from different nations. We are actively promoting the slingshot,one of the world’s oldest human made tools, in a new and exciting sport. Few have grown up without at least trying to use a slingshot. Some of us spent more time than others in both shooting a slingshot accurately and building our own slingshots, always endeavoring to make them shoot farther, faster and more accurately. The natural progression is upon us to standardize a competition to be able to compete equally around the globe. This is goal of our organization, to hold shooting competitions, to rank and award champions within an organized, respected system, and finally to elevate the sport to Olympic levels with the aim of competing in the Olympics in the future. So young or old, male or female, if you are interested in joining this exciting new, old sport, welcome and prepare yourself to meet people from all over this world.


David A Sutherland


International Slingshot Federation Inc.

A Slingshot player since 1960’s